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Clearance: 7'

Tire Width: 12.5"

Jeep Wranglers and Hummers: Because of their boxy nature in addition to flared fenders, spare tire on the back, and often a cattle guard or winch on the front, we are required to retract more than half of our cleaning equipment in the tunnel to safely wash these vehicles. Manual cleaning (with a wash mit and towel with spray bottle) is required to wash these areas that the automated equipment cannot reach. Any vehicle that requires us to wash primarily by hand and not through our automated process defeats the purpose of having tunnel equipment and is incongruent with our service model. Quality, consistency and efficiency can only be obtained through this automation. We hate to turn any customer away, but must do so for Jeep Wranglers and Hummers.

Full Size Vans: These vehicles are wide and the mirrors are prone to damage at the blower system.

Excessive Mud: We cannot wash vehicles with excessive mud as it sticks to our brushes/ cloth and could damage not only the customer's vehicle but vehicles after it. The pre-spray we apply to the vehicle prior to wash is not a high pressure system. We suggest customers take the vehicle to a self service wash to power wash the mud off, then we are more than happy to wash it in our system. 



effective January 1, 2017

In order to maintain the highest level of service with competitive prices, certain menu options have changed. Following careful review of historical performance, we have made the following adjustments:

    • Raised the Good Wash price to $8 at Ross Avenue, consistent with our Forest Lane location. We added a full vehicle hand-dry to the service, which prior only included the windows/glass.
    • No longer provide unlimited monthly plans to vehicles for hire as the average frequency of washes far exceeds our break-even point, and is simply not a sustainable offer.
    • Removed the complimentary 5-Day-Rewash from the Best wash. We offer Monthly Plan options beginning at $25 a month, or the price of three Best washes ($45) pays for the Best Monthly Plan without keeping up with receipts/deadlines to redeem the rewash.

Please know the decision to implement these changes was not made lightly. They allow us to keep our staff at a livable wage, provide employee benefits, and continue seeking new ways to improve our operations. We are actively reviewing future opportunities to reward customer loyalty. We greatly value your business and appreciate your understanding.



Thank you for visiting our website. Please know that the services listed and prices are subject to change without notice. Tommy Terrific's Carwash may close at any time due to inclement weather, major holidays or equipment/electrical failure. All prices and available services are based on normal soils and conditions and subject to management discretion. Vehicles with excessive mud, pre-existing damage, or aftermarket items (such as: bike racks, luggage racks, cattle guards, light bars, et cetera) may be declined service due to safety concerns. 


Monthly Plans: Monthly plans automatically recharge on the first of the month. Cancellation requests must be made to management a minimum of 72 hour prior to the next recharge cycle; one full recharge must be completed before cancellation eligibility. Plans are linked to the license plate (valid for one vehicle only). Management may choose to cancel a monthly plan subscription for any reason. Vehicles for hire (limousines, taxis, ride share companies, et cetera) are not eligible for monthly plan enrollment. In the event Tommy Terrific's Carwash is unable to charge a customer's credit card due to card expiration or change in information, the customer's program will be automatically deactivated. Reactivation is at current retail pricing. Monthly plans are intended for a single vehicle only. Fraud will result in immediate termination of the Monthly Plan membership with no refund of any remaining balance.

Questions or comments: Email: Tommy@TommyTerrificsCarwash.com.